June 10, 2013

Simple Summer Fun

We're finished with homeschooling, but does it ever really end?  Summer brings adventure and exploring!  No pressure, no tests, just good old fashioned fun and beautiful memories being made.

We're aiming for simple summer fun ... the kind of fun many of us had when we were children, with no ipods or cell phone, no video games and parents who made us go outside to play.

Just the other day at my son's soccer game, a little girl was there picking buttercups.  She wasn't even aware that these sweet little yellow buds can reveal your love (or disdain) for butter!  As I showed her how to hold that blossom under my chin, her eyes widened and she ran away squealing in delight.  She then had to test out everyone in her family.  
I realized then that our children lack those simple joys we had in our childhood.   
Time to bring them back!

So this summer, join me in having some good old fashioned summer fun while enjoying the simple blessing that surround us.  

August 25, 2010

A Magazine Must Have! Nature Friend

Wish I had found this magazine sooner, but now that I have, we will be ordering this for sure! This will make a wonderful birthday present for our first grade homeschooler.
It is well worth the $36 for 12 issues - that's only $3 a magazine!
For an extra $24, you can get a study guide with each magazine, making it a ready made science lesson!

Go HERE to check out their website and sample magazines & study guides.
Click on the various tabs on their website - there is a writing contest coming up and they are also looking for work from freelance photographers and writers.

This magazine teaches all about the wonders of God's creation, giving credit to the Creator. Can't say that about many magazines, can you?

July 28, 2010

Free Teachers Guide - Map Reading Skills

Check out these links for free materials to teach your child map reading skills, directions, about overhead view, scale and more. K-3 approximate grade range

Click HERE for the PDF's of each lesson,
click HERE for an online version of each lesson.

July 27, 2010

Free Cookbooks - Kids in the Kitchen!

Kids getting bored with summer yet?
Get them in the kitchen with these free downloadable (pdf) cookbooks!

Free Whataburger on Aug 3rd - wear orange!

Free package of Hot Tamales

Register to get your free package of Hot Tamales candy.

Kmart free Birthday Club for kids

Register for the Kmart Birthday Club for Kids and as a member, your child will receive
  • A Birthday Surprise Fun Pack
  • $5 in Birthday Bucks (redeemable at your local Kmart store)
    on your child's birthday
  • Age-appropriate toy and gift suggestions
  • Information on developmental milestones
    from 6 months through 12 years
  • Tips and advice for planning a memorable
    birthday celebration

July 16, 2010

Video to watch - You're Beautiful

I know all about feeling like I don't measure up.
I have a weight problem, I'm short, I'm frumpy, I have an ugly scar on my face from skin cancer surgery, I could go on and on.
But this song reminds me that I AM beautiful in God's eyes, my creator, my father.

Click HERE to watch the video called 'Beautiful For Me' by
Nicole Nordeman
from the newest Veggie Tales movie and enjoy.

July 12, 2010

July 6, 2010

Bath & Body Works Coupon

Click HERE to get a coupon for a free item (up to $12 value - some restrictions)
when you spend $10.